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    get a real instant messenger and stop complaining! and yes opera for wii supports both java and flash.

    Please PM me before adding me!

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    i'm not gonna speculate as to what it can or can't do but imagine how f'n awesome it'd be watchin youtube vids on a big screen tv!!!!

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    Let's clear this up. Opera are nothing to do with Mozilla.

    Opera are a Norwegian based software house. They have a little over £20M active users. There browser was always streets ahead of Microshaft's Internet Exploder and they were the first to offer tabbed browsing and a whole load of browser functionality that now appear in Firefox and IE.

    The Opera browser scheduled for the Wii is not the same as the latest Opera on a PC. It's called 'Opera 9 for devices'. Designed for things like Portable Media players, set top boxes and similar. There's a strong chance that we may end up with a cut down and limited browsing experience.

    O9FD is optimized to run fast in constrained environments, and it maintains a small code base, making it ideal for devices aiming for a high quality user experience.

    I think that the reason Nintendo chose Opera is that their browser can do content formatting on the fly. This is critical for a game console as evrybody will be using different screens - different sizes, different resolutions.

    "Opera's Extensible Rendering Architecture (ERA) delicately squeezes content to fit the screen regardless of its dimensions, eliminating the need for horizontal scrolling. Opera’s ERA and TV rendering (TVR) can optimize the Web experience for any size screen"

    "Opera's spatial navigation makes it easy to navigate on platforms that don't have a mouse. By pressing a directional button on the remote (or in our case pointing the Wii at a navigation arrow) Opera navigates in the most logical links.

    Just keep your fingers crossed guys!...........
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