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    This is slightly OT, but for the real AV-philes, I'm pulling out my Pioneer Elite LD player to setup in the office sometime this week! I had no idea I had like 50 discs, some terrific stuff too like Criterion released Kurasawa films.
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    Quote Originally Posted by wezeles
    Names are never the way to go, specific model's are always the test.
    Thats what you call shopping to a "T".

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    Quote Originally Posted by [DT]
    I'm surprised you would elevate Sony's (and Bose for that matter) surround systems but not put them in the Top 5 HD set manufacturers.

    I've auditioned quite a few sets and my Top 3 almost always comes down to:


    (in no specific order)

    I'm probably like most of the posters in that the only Sony gear I would consider is a TV or a videogame console - even though some of their other products are outstanding (their Alpha DSLRs are very good, especially considering the Minolta optics in use, but you'll *never* pry my Nikon out of my hand )

    I'd *like* to start a AV/HT thread, maybe in the OT area?

    Sounds like an awsome idea, maybe have each person check out a few models and report back the results...

    Its not that i dont think Sony makes good HD its just when HD comes to mind for me i think of Plasma/DLP/LCD all the newer style televisions. Something i dont think Sony has really popped out as being ontop.

    CRT t.v.'s i think will fade out pretty quickly "in electronic terms" with the invent of these new standard style t.v's... although they are the cheepest now and getting bought up like crazy, the big screen market is also gettting huge and a 50 inch big screen 5 years ago that went for 3 grand or more now goes for 999.99 at wallmart so i think people will start picking up "higher end" monitors for there home.

    It also comes down to each type of product too.. they each accell in a specific area.. for LCD's for instance i have always favored Toshiba... they have been in the LCD buisness for a long time and seem to have it down pretty well..

    CRT's my top would consist of Sony,RCA,Phillips "some models" maybe just because philips/magnavox have pushed out so many million no-name units they know how to make a decent t.v. under there own name plate for a good price.

    Plasma is still up in the air for me i've seen some decent, some horribal, and some good ones.. The ones that stick out the most to me is acctually Poloroid "Xiamen " and LG

    And for projection t.v's Samsung still seems to be champ to me.. overall

    of course we can break these down to each specific type,size,price and we will come out with a different brand every time i bet.
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