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not really they may just laugh. it's worth a shot... there's a few games included...
thanks. I'll probably just try and haggle. I'm going to call today.

Think of it this way...for $300 you're basically getting a free game. Just be sure you're confident that this unit was treated well and that those games are games you want...otherwise, I'd hold out for a new one.

However, if it was me, I would wait for a store to get one in...I like knowing that I was the only owner
Yeah I added up the price and it seems that I'm getting a game, i like both games and would probably get them anyway. I'll make sure it's in good shape and ask if they bought the store warranty or anything. I've been trying to hold out for a new one for like the last 5 months lol, i live in a small town and we have like 3 main stores, it's very rare when they get anything in.

where are u looking at this on ebay??? does it say buy now or still bidding and how much is shipping?

It's in my local papershop sailer. The person lives one town away, so if it breaks or anything, atleast I know they live close.