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    Quote Originally Posted by lloyd_yayo
    thats how i feel as well.

    you pretty much just have to know who you're adding. cant just add anyone cuz half the ppl dont play consistent enough or are just never online.

    but i do think all games should have friend codes and random play with anyone. like mario kart does, and advance wars.
    As far as I'm aware, most do, they just generally don't let you save the details of who you're playing with, nor let them speak to you.

    Personally, I don't think it's neccessarily a bad thing that last part. It also allows for safer play for the younger gamers. Surely that can't be a bad thing...?

    Let's face it, with some of the language over Live, I certainly don't think it's a good thing to follow Microsoft's lead, especially for a company trying hard to appeal to more than just the "core gamer".

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    I completely understand why nintendo does it, its just frustrating as an older gamer with no friends who own wiis and buy games. If my friends were really into their wii's and bought games a lot then I wouldn't mind at all. But adding people from a forum in mass, hoping some of them will add you too, can be painful.

    What they could have done was add an option in parental controls to use friend codes or opt to them not being necessary.

    I guess I just don't have any games which stress online. Can't wait for mario kart.

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    Well I really fail to see what the racist part has to do with you liking friend codes, you can have non-racist and school buddies on your friends list on Xbox without friend codes, but anyway I'm Caucasian and I have black cousins and friends, also Asian, Indian, Jewish, and Hispanic friends and I hate racism online to but the point is you can't do anything but mute them and move on, it's not Microsoft's fault rich white red necks buy there product, when there is a racist kid on Xbox I usually tell them it's wrong and most kids side with me, however when you get with a group of racists, you leave, problem solved.
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    Its really no big deal.

    A lot of people say racists things because they hate themselves, even if that sounds backwards, its true. They do it because they are influenced by their friends, and they are ignorant. Theres no point even giving it a second thought.

    Just laugh and think "Morons."

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