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    Quote Originally Posted by Big_League_Slugger
    Way to be a fanboy
    WOW that quote is backwards because you will find more porn out in the open at a mexican's house...LOL from my experience. Also too the hispanice MTV call MUn of what ever is way better than most porn anyway...LOL Well any way thanks for posting and adding exactly nothing to the conversation...LOL

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    Always gotta look forward to whatever Factor 5 is cooking up. I dont for a second believe they can get anything up to par with the PS3, but just the fact they will actually push the Wii makes me excited

    Nintendo really needs some 3rd partys to step it up

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    While it is a given that Factor 5 will indeed push the Wii´s graphics, possibly even beyond ´Metroid Prime 3´ and ´Super Mario Galaxy´, I can only assume that Eggebrecht was misquoted.

    Comparing any graphics engine running on Wii hardware to their own ´Lair´ engine on PS3 seems nonsensical. Eggebrecht once praised the ´Lair´ engine´s advantages over ´Unreal 3´ technology. While the latter engine is being ported to Wii, it is certain to deliver less visual quality than on the PS3, due to the Wii´s relative hardware limitations.
    The quote was bound to reference something other than pure graphical prowess.

    We want to push the hardware. (...) I mean, on the graphical side, we're going to try and do everything to outdo everything else on the platform, the same as we did for the Star Wars games back on the GameCube. (...)

    We're pretty much at a state where we're almost done with the engine. At the same time, we've also been working on content quite a bit because we had enough running very quickly on the platform that we were able to. But the biggest milestone or mark right now is that we're almost done with the engine and it does everything that the PS3 did and then some, quite frankly. So we're pretty happy with that.
    I'm still looking forward to it, but don't expect your wii to suddenly grow new hardware.

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