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    can anyone help?

    im new to the wii, i have a wireless router. but, how do i play other people? i cant seem to figure it out!!!! i have mario and sonic at the olympics, can you help?
    thanks winny

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    mario and sonic cant play with other people over the internet you those games can play people over the internet
    Spoiler Alert!

    thanks for the sig idjut
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    Quote Originally Posted by jason416
    All i am saying is this, graphic memory breaks easily for the WII
    No it doesn't break easily.

    The video chip overheating is a very rare problem out of all the millions of Wii's that have been sold.

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    Jesus he is talking about the temporary memory it has to use when browsing on the internet...

    It will eventually fill up with info and you will have to power down "delete all info" or go into setup and delete it manually to continue watching vids...

    This honestly IS NOT a problem at all, your Wii is a CONSOLE made for playing VIDEO GAMES... Not a COMPUTER for you to watch your endless PORN on

    Its cool and all that you can now watch "youtube" "a.k.a porn" on your t.v. instead of your little computer monitor, but its not ment for constant video surfing of the web its just a perk of the system not a corner design feature. Nore should it be, unless you want to spend as much for it as a gaming computer!

    If you have your Wii online you obviously have a computer with internet connection, use that to play on the internet. If not your just nabbing someone elses connection and honeslty you should have picked up a computer before you bought a Wii anyway...
    If your parent's let you have it in you bedroom or something and you dont want them to know what videos your watching "a.k.a porn" Then you porbably shouldn't watch them in the first place...

    Im sick of these little kid opinions of the "faults of the Wii", "I cant watch DVD's, I cant listen to CD's, I cant watch Porn... jesus already its a video game console its doing what it was made for, get over it.

    Even hookers don't do everything no matter how much you pay
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