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    Haha all you americanz.........UK LAUNCH

    For all you english and europeans who havnt got a wii yet......its all good! maybe we have to w8 abit but heh it doesnt matter because were getting a wii for definite.......if ur thinkin wat iz he on about well listen up I was in my local Gamestation and asked my friend(who works there)what place my preorder was and he sed 18th.i thought OMG i aint gettin a wii.....but he sed that every Gamestation are getting about 100 consoles at launch.....i was shocked....so i am definitely getting 1 now and so are all you europeans who want 1........no need for preorder
    Consoles I own=Ps2,gamecube,gba,psp,pc(if u count that 4 games)

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