Today was the launch of the Wii so my dad and me got up at 5:45 to go to Wal-mart and try to get a Wii, we arrived around 5:50, and there were at least 43 people there already....unfortunatley according to the moron running the line or w.e there was only 33 Wii's, because people managed to get in and take some....(i think it was the management, no one else coulda gotten in), so me and my dad were to far behind in the line to get a Wii so we decided to leave, you may think....o what about rain checks.....well cheapos named Walmart decided to give out only 3.....ONLY 3.....mad me so now im waiting for the second shipment to come in because every store online, and in person are sold out, so my launch day....was not a good day.