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    name - Nathan
    location - Columbia, MO
    time arrived - 5am (woke at 4am)
    time left - 10am

    At first, I was going to wait from 7pm to midnight at Wal-mart, but when I got there, they were already maxed-out. I decided to go home and I went to bed at 9pm. Woke at 4am and went to Target at 5am. They were supposed to have 39 Wiis there, but the line already had that amount of people, many in tents. Then drove over to see that there were already the max number of people at Circuit City and Best Buy! Drove over to Toys R Us and bam! Nobody was there. Got out of the car, walked over and sat down with Catcher in the Rye in hand because I have to finish it today. Then a guy got out of his car and started walking over. He had obviously been there before I was, so I let him in front of me. We just sat and sat for 2 hours before anyone new came along and about an hour before the store opened was when way more people showed up. They said they weren't going to give us numbers, so it was going to be a mad dash and I'm not that big or strong, so I was a bit worried, but the guy in front of me and his friend said they'd make sure I got one, too. The opened the door an hour early at 10am and everyone sort of walk/ran to the electronics where we saw no Wii boxes. Then an employee said "Pre-orders on this side and buyers here!" We all quickly got in the buyer line. I was third at that point, but I got it and Zelda.

    Soon as I got them, I smiled at the people in line and got out of there fast because I was afraid I might, just might get jumped. Got in the car, drove home and opened it up. Set it up on my TV, after playing around with the wiimote and nunchuk and then made a Mii. Played some WiiSports, which is pretty cool, and now I'm typing this. I also have Red Steel, which I plan on playing next, but I'm starved, so I'm getting a burger soon.

    It's just amazing. It's really surreal!


    Got it!
    -------how Was You Launch --------p1010001.jpg

    Opening the box...
    -------how Was You Launch --------p1010003.jpg

    -------how Was You Launch --------p1010005.jpg

    Could it be?
    -------how Was You Launch --------p1010011.jpg

    Yes...it is!
    -------how Was You Launch --------p1010015.jpg

    Yeah, I'm a nerd...
    -------how Was You Launch --------p1010018.jpg

    -------how Was You Launch --------p1010019.jpg
    "Whatever you do may seem insignificant, but it is most important that you do it." - GANDHI

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    Location-Walmart in Harrisville, Utah
    Time arrived-7:00PM Friday
    Time left-12:15AM Sunday
    People in line-Nerds and potheads
    What I did during the wait-Played games, slept, and read
    Am I satisfied-yep

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    Name - Giovanni
    Location - Target in Clifton, New Jersey
    Arrived: 12am
    Left: 8am
    People in Line and what I did: Everything from Moms and Dads to nerds and musicians. I made friends with 5 really cool guys. We talked about everything from politics and life to Wii and games. Made the time pass by like nothing. Thanks to this site and Gamespot, I knew the most about the Wii so they were asking me questions all night.
    Am I satisfied: Hell yes. The Wii was actually more than what I expected. It handles so well. I just can't wait for developers to truly take advantage of what it has to offer.

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    Name - Greg
    Location - Gamestop in Lafayette, IN
    Time Arrived - 11PM (preordered it)
    Time Left - 12:02AM
    People In Line - Fellow Nintendo Fans
    What I did during the wait - Shot "it" with the manager
    Am I satisfied? Definitely!
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails -------how Was You Launch --------wii.jpg  

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    Name- David
    Location-Fayetteville, AR Walmart
    Time arrived - 1:38
    Time Left- 12:27
    Total Number of Wii's: 35
    Number in line: 14
    Spoiler Alert!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kodae
    Name: Cody
    Location: Gamestop; Toledo, OH
    Got there: 10:50PM
    Left: 12:05AM
    Go Toledo.

    Name: CasopoliS
    Location: Target; Toledo, OH (Holland to be exact)
    Got there: 5:15 AM 11/19
    Left: ~8:15AM 11/19

    Sadly, I could have showed up at 7:50 AM and still gotten a Wii. Target got 42 units and the line was only 30 long at 7:45 when they passed out tickets for their 8:00 opening. The remaining 12 went quickly as people pulled in to do regular shopping, not expecting to get a Wii. REALLY sad for the guys that camped out there all night.

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