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    Good shooters on PS3 (Released or Unreleased)
    - Warhawk
    - COD4
    - Resistance Fall of Man
    - Resistance 2
    - Killzone 2
    - Lost Planet Extreme Condition
    - Unreal Tournament 3
    - Battlefield Bad Company (I think)

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    Quote Originally Posted by CocoSSBB
    The PS3 has Ratchet and Clank, the Wii has SMG.
    The PS3 has Call of Duty 4, the Wii has Medal of Honor Heroes 2.
    Although in all honesty, if you're gonna get CoD 4 you might as well get a 360.
    no...to be fair, if you wanna play any quality shooting games you want to get a quality PC, 360 and PS3 suck when you compare everything to a gamers PC, quite funny actually when they call themselves "next gen". I have a quality PC and a Wii, perfect balance

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    Ohh... I wonder how much that cost you...

    Even if a quality PC was cheap, PC's lack games now days. Alot of developers don't even want to develop for PC's much anymore because the games are not selling as much since consoles have been catching up with PC's in overall quality. I used to game PC's only and I got tired of endless upgrading and the fact that all games were not compatible with all PC's. Sometimes your graphic card was just not the right one, sometimes the processor just wasn't compatible, etc. etc. Nothing like owning a console and knowing ALL games will work just fine and not having to spend another dime on hardware for atleast 5 years.
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    Been playing alot of WarCraft III lately, anyone up for game? Just message me, my account is the same as here and GT.

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