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    BUMMER! Gamecube Controller/VC Games

    I have a gamecube controller and just purchased F-zero from the VC shop - when you purchase the game it tells you that you need to have the classic controller or the gamecube controller. Now that I downloaded the game though it will not let me play- says I must connect the classic controller. Now that seems pretty sucky to say AND show a picture of the gamecube controller on the game purchase screen but not actually have that work.

    I would call and ask for my money back if I wasn't going to lose the Wii points anyway (see this thread http://www.wiichat.com/nintendo-wii-...html#post77429

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    that does suck. well i thought about getting some gamecube games from the shop, but its easier just to put the game in and play with the GNC sontroller. good luck though.

    P.S. most classic controllers are sold out at wal-marts. try another store

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