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    Quote Originally Posted by CocoSSBB
    I hear SO MANY PEOPLE use the excuse "The motion controls aren't that good anyway, and the graphics suck." (Or "73H M0710N C0N7R0L5 5UCK50R5 4ND 73H GR4PH1C5 4R3 W0R53 7H4N J00R M0M 1N B3D!!!!1111")

    Although neither are true, some Wii games have terrific graphics and as long as your aren't standing right in front of the TV the motion controls are fine, it's the innovation that makes the system great. You can actually aim PHYSICALLY in Medal of Honor Heroes 2, you can PHYSICALLY push someone down in Madden 08, you can PHYSICALLY slice enemies in Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. It's those things that make the Wii more innovative than any other system in the history of gaming.
    EXACTLY. Bullseye. I think most of the people who say negative things have never played a Wii or are Sony MS fanboys desperate for an excuse. I honestly think Wii graphics are great, and with added motion controls? GAMER HEAVEN.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wdoublei
    You no, I'm starting to remember something. It was fairly innovative, but it didn't do so well because it was an accessory with few games. No wait, a few things before Wii. Remember the Dreamcast if you had all the accessorys it was a Wii. Oh yeah remember that thing for the Playstation 2, what was it called, oh yeah the eye toy. Those both were had good grafix, I don't see why Nintendo couldn't to motion controls and grafix.
    The Eye Toy wasn't a system, and in all honesty, it was pretty crappy. I never owned a Dreamcast, but what happened to that again, oh yeah, it was dead within TWO YEARS!!! There is only one Wii, they put motion controls to the full test, because even if they aren't the first, they're the first to do it right.
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    thats a man you want to respect.

    when in the heat of compettion and let alone loosing, your still able to compliment the enemi

    that takes balls
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