well just wanted to let everyone know that i got my wii and every thing went smoothly. got TP and already beat the first dungen (the game is unbalivably good and i can tell its gonna be long) played alot of wii sports also (knew it was gonna be good but not THIS good) played a bit of monkey ball and about 10 min of down hill jam. in all iv put about 10 and a half hours into the thing already.

as for the camping out i got there with some firends at around 7pm last night and i havent slept at all so i think im gonna grab some shut eye now. everything went great the only bad thing was that at around midnight some nintendo employees came by the best buy and gave out T shirts but me and one firend were getting food for a bunch of people and none of them would be kind enough to hand over the shirts. no biggie tho. night guys