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    The Reason why your having problems

    I don't have my Wii yet, im in Auz, and by the sounds of things this as a good thing atm, that way ill get the newer firmware, below is a snippet from IGN News about why these problems are occurring for those that haven't seen it yet.

    "However, once they got their new babies home, news of initial problems with both the console and the motion-sensing controller began rolling in.

    It seems the main niggle (albeit only for an isolated few) appears to be an issue with the machine's firmware. Nintendo originally announced plans to release the console alongside a start-up disc including important firmware updates it didn't have time to pre-load onto the system prior to launch. However, someone clearly worked overtime at the Wii factory because the majority of consoles did ship with the latest firmware installed, therefore not requiring a separate disc. While this was good news for most gamers however, those who bought early production models still requiring the disc were left with a console that didn't work properly.

    Other general problems being broadcast from across the Atlantic include trouble getting the Wii to connect online via a wireless router, the occasional issue with the remote not detecting certain movements and the devastating blow of the disc drive simply not reading games. Not too bad considering some of the teething issues experienced around the launch of Xbox 360, so we can safely say Miyamoto and pals are probably high-fiving each other while you read this.

    Full Article here: IGN: US Wii Launch Goes Smoothly

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