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    It's not like Wii sales are panning out or anything. Sure it may be eaisier to find a Wii, you only have to search for a week and do some careful planning to snatch one up. Not like with the first units that seemed to have to be pre-order,bribed out,wait in line for,got up early for,bundled ordered, ect. ect. the list goes on and on for the first Wii owners and what they had to do to get one.

    Still today the Wii's fly off the shelf faster then they get put on it, the only real differance now is that they are filling the shelfs more. With this the people not willing to do all the previous mentioned things will pick up a Wii when they see it available now. I doubt everyone that really want's a Wii will be done buying them untill the end of 2008. After that its just extra sales to the on the fence buyers. Thats when we will see all the price drops kick in and who knows what kinds of extras.
    By the time the Wii is "Stocked" everyware it will most likely have a bit more than 50% of the market share, "It's just about there now".
    We still have no idea how the well the Wii can sell because supply is just now catching up to demand, but has yet to reach it. Many may see it as in a different group than the "hardcore" systems, but it seems to be more accurate to be listed as a gaming phenomenon then a gaming fad. Overall the Wii will be more remebered in gaming history than the 360/PS3 just because of the outside the box idea of it.

    As for the PS3 with all its price drops and finnaly getting around to some of its few "exclusive" games that they have left, it should be a great year. Its first year console sales acctually beat out 360's first year even though it was looked at as the loser console. It didn't come close to selling as many games as 360 in its first year yet it sold more units. Could this be because they marketed as a Blu-ray player aswell and it has helped push some sales?
    If the rumor of another price drop this year for christmas is correct we could see the PS3 catch up to that second place spot over 360, even if it is purchased as a blu-ray player. As PS3 starts dropping its bombs on the gaming side the only one thats gonna really feel it is 360. Hopefully 360 has a few more thigns up there sleeve for 2008 because if not it could be the year they get tossed more twards the back seat.

    As for game sales its pretty easy to figure out aswell.

    The Wii has been out 16 months and has 20 games that sold over a million,totaling 54.33 "taking away Wii sports everyware but Japan" comes with system doesn't count for games sold. "Wii play does though sorry its buisness and people bought it seperate from the console bundled with wii-mote or not." Anway outta the 20 "million sellers titles" they have sold 54.33 million divide that by 16 months and they are selling

    3.39 million games a month

    The 360 has been out 28 months and has 34 games that have sold over a million copies, totaling at 71.3 million divide that by 28 months figure that at

    2.54 million games a month

    The PS3 has been out 16 months and has 8 games that sold over a million, totaling at 15 million divide that by 16 months and figure it at

    .937 million games a month

    Now obviously this doesn't include the many many games that have sold less than a million copies, but it gives you a good idea of how well each system is doing. Not only for selling consoles, but how well its selling game wise. We could go a step further and figure in the million game sales to consoles sold giving you

    Wii 2.4 games sold per console

    360 4.0 games sold per console

    PS3 1.4 games sold per console

    Again this doesn't include any of the less then a million sold titles and you also have to figure in time to it. Obviously the 360 owner should have more games than the Wii/PS3 owner because its been out a year longer.

    Still based on numbers the best buisness decision would be 360/Wii because of the numbers they have shown so far although the Wii isn't as established as the 360, it's showing to be the more popular system based on time on the market for game sales and console sales.
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    Quote Originally Posted by wezeles
    If the rumor of another price drop this year for christmas is correct we could see the PS3 catch up to that second place spot over 360, even if it is purchased as a blu-ray player.
    good point! i hope ps3 sells more consoles and quickly

    even if 360 sells the least amount of systems they will still be in the video game market
    it is backed by windows

    and the more competition the better

    the only reason i care about the console war is because i care who has control in the fate of video games future.

    nintendos intentions in having such a drastic controller change is genius is so many ways

    additional types of sensors and outputs

    making people less lazy when playing video games

    different types of games that werent possible with button based controllers

    who knows what creative games people can think up

    if nintendo wins by a lot, microsofts and sonys next system will change their controllers too

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    Quote Originally Posted by T3kNi9e
    Okami developers were talking about the war in PSM. They said they wish there was a clear winner like with PS1 and PS2 because they want to develop on the console that is winning. They said they wanted to developer on 360 but it sells horribly in Japan, but overall its doing really good and sells alot of software and crap on XBL. PS3 is selling decently in Japan but still not very good. Wii is selling alot in Japan but overall not by much compared to the 360 and software doesn't sell so good.

    So like Okami, the race is still so very close to call a clear winner. I think it will stay this way. Hell, thats better than having 1 clear winner. It evokes more competition and forces the companies (Sony, MS, Nintendo) to keep making there console better.
    +1 yes haveing no clear "winner" is great for us gamers

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    I think the 360 and PS3 would have a stronger pressence without multiple SKUs. Did you get the 40gb or 80gb hard drive? Elite, or regular? WTF!? When did consoles not only become more expensive than computers, (Basic computer costs $300 and less) but also release multiple versions?

    They confused the consumer. The MGS4 package is actually an insult. So you bought a 20gb PS3 for $500? Well 1 1/2 years later we're selling $500 40gb PS3 packed with MGS4. I laugh at anyone who bought the 20gb PS3, anyone who bought the 360 with the disfunctional chip. I'm sure the companies that made those pieces of crap are laughing at you; for not showing enough patience to wait a year.

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