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    Maybe burn in reduction should be on for such a delicate tv...
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    I don't think this is wiis problem. It should be the game itself. I didn't play with Call of Duty 3 and I have no problem with my rear projection TV. Just Joking.

    It should be the lamp was burn out and try to change a new lamp.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rottenbanana
    Yeah I have a LCD rear projection. It just sucks that I need to replace the bulb now. I guess it would make sense that it would bust when I use it for >3 hours after not using it for a couple months. sigh guess it's time to buy a plasma instead
    I wouldn't go with a plasma display at all. They are dated and not as reliable as people think. I'd go with LCD if you're looking for a thin form factor, or stick with rear projection.

    Here's the disadvantages of rear projection TVs:

    1. With all sets (except CRT), the bulb needs replaced occasionally.
    2. With older 3LCD models, the blue LCD could fade from heat. This is almost a non-issue now.
    3. With 3LCD models, sometimes you can witness the "screen door effect", like you're looking through a screen door -- newer sets tend to be better with this. Mine is almost perfect.
    4. With DLP models, you can witness the "rainbow effect", where the RGB components tend to momentarily seperate -- only some people see this (like me, which makes DLP difficult for me to watch).
    5. LCOS models are quite expensive, but do not exhibit the above effects.
    6. CRT rear projection sets can wash out over time.
    7. Size (sometimes).

    1. The bulb is replacable (except CRT -- no bulb). When replacing it, it's like you have a new TV all over again since very little is prone to fail.
    2. They offer the best screen sizes for your money.
    3. DLP, 3LCD, and some LCOS models are quite light. I can carry my 52" set on my own (83 pounds), and I'm not massive or anything (~5'9", 170). It's awkward to grip, but it can definitely be done.
    4. Bulbs (they are lamps, actually), constantly drop in price. Eventually, you'll see them around the $50 point and it will be a non-issue.

    What works for you depends on your application, but I'd stray away from plasma, although plasma sets offer great black levels, LCDs will be more reliable, if properly manufactured (read: the backlight heat doesn't burn out the panel over time). Plasmas can NOT be refilled as people think. Consider them disposable.

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