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    Sony already implemented motion controls in the PS3. Sure Nintendo and Sony haven't used it on a grand scale but it has played a key role in scooping up casual gamers and this large new audience of non-gamers. Alot of the types of games that use these controlls 100% seemed more aimed at this crowd.
    Is it going to be required to operate? Obviously no.
    But it will be important for the Casual audience. They use to always follow the hype,advertisement, and the word of the hardcore. Now they choose there own games, make up there own mind no matter how good, bad, or horribal the hardcore gamer views the games or system they choose.

    The bigger problem is the hardcore isn't enough on any one console to keep them afloat they will have to cater to the needs of the consumers that make them the most overall money the "casual."
    It will be a toss up between MS and Sony if they want to stick with the high end "hardcore niche". But there honestly is not enough money for both of them to survive with high priced low volume consoles. The games sell great but still your tied to the amount of consoles you sell, and the casual arn't buying into the hype as much anymore.

    Atleast one of them will have to go a more casual route to compete with Nintendo and the overall consumers, so far it looks like Sony want's it.

    Another big thing was the point and click feature, I think alot more will include this aswell. Specailly for FPS.
    MOH:H2 may have been one of the cheepest FPS to be released in current times, but the control skeme for Wii with a combo of point to shoot and motion controls that gave it tones of praise. A game that would have been scored about a 5 at best on any other system got an average score of 7.5-8.5 just because of controls! Just goes to show it doesn't have to be pretty to get by. In the future a combo of both of these is what will make the blockbuster games that will sell not only to the hardcore but the casual aswell.

    It's a numbers game and the numbers don't lie. For the longest time Gaming was about companies giving the consumer what they said was best.
    Now its turning into a more mainstream market where you supply the customer with what they acctually want.
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    Well, the DS has an upcoming change to it in the form of a newly redesigned DS. Nintendo already stated that it is ready for production. They are simply waiting for the current DS Lite to slow down in sales. It will eliminate the GBA slot for even smaller gaming on the go.

    As for the Wii, the innovation has not yet even started. Example: What about the speaker in the remote? Wouldn't it be cool if let's say you could play your favorite songs through it while playing or could have an in game radio (like GTA) play through it during gameplay. The system itself has only BEGUN to get tapped. It has a 4 GB Flash chip in it. That has not been disclosed by Nintendo or any developers yet. Who knows what 4 GB of memory is for. Perhaps updated system memory? Better game storage? Who knows. I think Nintendo has (out of the 3) the brightest future. We all know the 360 has live which can do HD movies, etc. PS3 has the PSN which is live but toned down and free. The Wii has the free setup plus the addition of Pay2Play which no one knows what that holds. Nintendo has THE brightest future with THE most to gain.

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    Well E3 this year for Nintendo will be huge, the second half of the year games wise is said to be a good one. Theres still StarFox, Animal Crossing, Disaster Day Of Crisis, Pikmin 3..possible new IP. On the game front they are alright.

    Whats next for Nintendo, I agree with a new DS coming out.
    Middle to late 2009 maybe, with improved visuals? That would be pretty nice.

    A new console is a little ways away as people have said already, Wii hasn't been fully optimized and surely Nintendo (and hopefully third party developers) realize that.

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