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    FYE Tries to Pull A Fast One On Wii Gamers :nono:

    In June, this gamer pre-ordered his Nintendo Wii from electronics retailer FYE. All seemed in good order, until time came to get his console. FYE refused to sell him the unit unless he purchased two additional games and a $25 gift card. These additional purchases, to the sum of $400, were not disclosed when filed the pre-order in any way. He complained to the manager who said, "you're just one person, you won't make a difference." Last year Best Buy tried a similar sales strategy and got an attorney general investigation for their efforts. The AG forced Best Buy to rescind the tied deal and take purchases back from customers. Apparently FYE management hasn't heard of that whole "internet" thing the kids are talking about these days.

    FYE gets caught trying to pull a fast one on Wii gamers SpikedHumor.com

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    interesting.. but i wanna know. why did he take the time to make a video with just text. couldnt he just blog it or something? i had to watch that stupid commercial that played before the video, just to read more.
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