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    Quote Originally Posted by venom1
    and thats why u put the little strab on lol! I was wondering why it said that when you start wii sports still didnt know till I read this LOL! hate to be that guy!
    Notice the picture where the strap is broken? o.O

    That would really suck, though... I'm gonna have to warn my friend about that, 'cause he has a TV that's similar to that one.

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    yea i already had a Wiimote rocket across the living room. it hit the wall with out even disconnecting, i have to say i'm inpressed with their durability, needless to say the straps that come with the Wiimotes are really too thin to handle a full out swing, so i just reienforced mine with some bits of string, and bought a couple of those silicone Wiimote condom things. adds more grip and more protection for my Wii
    28 Hours in line...
    Free chicken diner from walmart...
    Sleeping in a shopping cart shanty town...
    but Wii, Red Steel, and a extra Wiimote/nunchuk are mine...
    Worth it?
    oh hell yea

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