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    My Pomeranian (doesnt look like it though, he's huuuge for his breed), Miles, love my wii, when playing zelda, Whenever Midna laughs through the wiimote, he just gets up and gets excited!!!

    wii love wii
    If the Xbox 360 console falls and hits someone, especially a small child, it could cause serious injury.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JHoersten2
    i sat down my controller while making lunch, and my cat ate through my nunchuck wire.....

    oh, was i pissed.

    had to use my backup and order another from gamestop.com
    you can fix that. just strip the wires on both sides and twist the wire's together that match (i dont know what colors they use but twist red to red and blue to blue) and wrap each individual wire with electric tape and then wrap the whole area with electic tape. that should fix it. may not look the best but it will work!
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