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Thread: Link to pc

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    sounds too hard...i wouldn't even bother but i think it's possible...maybe you get to buy an add-on for the wii so it goes through your comp

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    Quote Originally Posted by UKResist
    well i was hopin the wii would sit on a window like other pc games do, LIke us a video program such as those ya get with tv cards, get me lol.

    Then i could just alt and tab or windows key out and in.

    I think it sounds simple and easy just wondering if its possible or if i need extra stuff, coz i would love to b able to do at least that
    Nice idea, personally I'd have a tv next to my pc that way you can run them both at the same time without having to minimizize anything.
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    How is it gonna be hard, ITs moreless like geting a vidoe card for ur pc along with a video player or somthing that has a scart connection, sounds so simple now lol.

    Here look i did an example. Click for bigger pic Duh!! lol

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