yeah, and these are just gamecube graphic potential. ztp shows how much time a good game takes to make. I dont think many other games will come out that will be as good as ztp considering how long it took to make. The shaders in the twilight relm are wonderfull. almost all the textures have little intricate detales. Zelda probably has the best graphics for its limitations as a gc game. If you only have so many colors to work with, zelda does the best job at makeing those colors look awsome. Sure other consoles support higher rez and more texuter detail, but ztp uses its resorses to its fullest. I think ztp is probably the best game ever made. I think given its high art value, with its hand panted texutres (rather then chop shop like most games), its graphics will be timeless, just like link to the past. however oot is dated by graphics as it has no texture detail to speak of, with its very low poly count. winder waker is also timeless i think as it looks like a cartoon. Nothing more nothing less.

I think if its possible ztp has stronger dzn then wind waker.