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    Honest Conversations about Wii

    I am a sporadic poster, i've been around since like last August, come on for a while, will leave for a while and so on, but one thing people really need to start being is a little more honest in their conversations. For some reason no matter how a conversation is geared, it automatically ends up with people launched on the defensive, whether it's the persistant 360 or wii argument, or what have you. I have a wii, and only a wii. I enjoy gaming but not enough to shell out more than 250/300 dollars, and I like Nintendo. That's fine for me. But again and again i'll see threads where "outsiders" stop in, leave a post asking what would be better suited for them, it's clearly the 360 in a few cases, and some people just can't help but create an argument and try to sway somebody who put their faith in this forum to their side. Instead of constantly trying to persuade people, just be a little more honest and non-defensive. I think this forum would be a much more friendly place if people were able to enjoy whatever system makes them happy, talk reasonably, and just enjoy the conversation and informtion others have to give. There's plenty of serious things in the world to worry about, let alone what peice of plastic is better than another high priced peice of plastic.
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    From what I have seen, things have been alright when it comes to talking about different consoles and etc. I really haven't noticed too many big problems, not of late anyways.

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