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    Quote Originally Posted by T3kNi9e
    Not only do I know its illegal, but I also download DVD's, burn them and sell them. I do the same thing with music also. Piracy is fun!
    I'm going to have a grand ol' laugh if you're arrested because of that post.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JT.
    Maybe it's implying yoshi is an animal, and not just a mutated green prostitute mario likes to ride
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    I strongly doubt I would get arrested for a post over the internet. Because first that would mean the FBI or is doing some kind of investigation on me. Then simply posting you do it isn't enough evidence. Thats like trying to arrest a drug dealer soley on the basis that he said "I sell drugs". Then, im not some kind of underground piracy store. I don't go advertising or even telling people I make DVDs. I just sell em to anyone who asks me and it's not even that often.
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