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    General Questions about the wii

    1) Specific date when we will see first online game for wii? Or please give me a game name so i can search it myself that MAY have online play.
    2) Wii play - Was supposed to be found on new controllers but ( I FORMATED MINE BY MISTAKE ) so what is wii play ? and where can i find those 8 cute games??

    Anyone else have questions besides these post em here i may be able to answer them

    Thanks for the info
    - More i play redsteel the more i like it the more i learn from it the more i want to play it.
    So far i am happy with my purchase! and the game was rated really harsh. I think they rushed a rating. Play it before you bash it.

    Wii Sports is priceless I LOVE IT Everyone loves it, its actually really well done

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