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    Bad lock up during Wii Sports Boxing

    well I was just started playing Wii Sports Boxing for the first time. I got my skill to about 575 (its way too easy so far) when it appeared that I punched my opponent's fist at the same time she did and the system froze. Now heres the bad part, it froze with the rumble on full so after hitting a few buttons I decide to turn off the console. It wont turn off! So I take a battery out of the remote to stop the rumble and try a hard shut down. After holding the power for 5 seconds it turned off and a red LED came on. This is the first nintendo console that wont turn off when it locks up. has anyone had a lock up this bad?

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    yea mine froze up once while entering the Wii Shop. I tried to turn it off for a while (must have been 10+ minutes) but eventually holding down the power button worked fine, and no harm done.

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    This is the first not to turn off, but it's also the first to have a soft switch. Most of them, the power button would phyisically disconnect the power from the system, with the Wii the button only sends a signal to the motherboard that says "hey, turn off." But in a lock-up situation, these often don't work.
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