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    Quote Originally Posted by ABC
    You continue spending $2000+ on a semi-pro gaming PC as I spend $1300 and get ALL 3 Next-gen consoles. Works for me.
    Hmm I have not updated my pc in 2 years and it can run all latest games, my mums mate gets all the parts cheap, but if you want to buy all the consoles go ahead
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    Quote Originally Posted by Big_Mill
    I dont ncessarily agree with the if I want better graphics Ill play on a PC. A lot of people dont want the hassle that comes with it (patches/installing/upgrading hardware/random crashes/hard disk space/Ram needs it doesnt seem much to you but the average user wont be able to sort out something in that list) and also generally whenever I see desktop PC's they are always on a desk with a horrible chair to sit on. When I play games I want to be nice and comfy on my bed or on the couch.

    Most people want to put in a disc and it works, if they didnt their would be no market for consoles as we would all be sat at pc's playing our games.

    I used to be quite a big PC game player but I just cant be arsed now as the newest thing is automatically the oldest thing within a week and I have to buy the new thing at some point which then becomes obsolete. With PS3/Wii/360 you get a solid 3-4 years play with out having to change anything.

    Sorry - I went a bit all over the place there.
    1 - I only patch multiplayer games...
    2 - Installing is hardly difficult...
    3 - I upgrade perhaps twice a year...
    4 - My PC very rarely crashes... you need to stop buying pre built pc's with "recovery disks"
    5 - HD Space... oh no... I'm out of space... i know ill uninstall this game i dont play anymore... or I'll delete some pr0n
    6 - Ram - 1 gig of ram isn't a problem I've had the same gig of ram for 3 years... if its hard to upgrade for some people I suggest you play lego as its as simple as lining up the divots on the PCB to the marks on the slot...

    yes stuff does go out of date... my pc is only a 3200 amd64, gig of ram, x850pro its very old by comparison to new "high end" machines... it is effectively a PS2 of PC's and certainly isn't "next gen" but power wise its plenty to keep up with the PS3...

    [quote = ABC]Really? Please, build me a $700 computer with a cell processor, Blu-Ray player, Wifi, 60 gig drive, and wireless keyboard and mouse. I would love to see it.[/quote]

    The cell processor isnt as amazing as people think... if it was so fantastic... why dont they build supercomputers using it... oh yea thats right... its not as good as PC processors...

    Blu-Ray player... wow... I would love a blu-ray player... being able to play more expensive DVD's on my normal definition TV!! ALRIGHT!!

    To make use of that your going to need a great big fat HD tv... otherwise you have another DVD player... I personally have plenty of those...

    anyhow im done...

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