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    umm i dont get why he said the wiimote is so sought after... walmart has a bunch in stock

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    Heh, how ironic....BRU is my local alt rock station.
    My favorite radio station actually, dunno where ABC came up with the "terrible" as i doubt he's ever heard them before....

    but anyway, that guy was being a douche. They don't usually waste radio time with pointless shit like that....well they do do pointless shit but not usually that bad. I find it funny how they had a caller bitching at them about not playing music, he was right. lol

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    This is the same blender featured in the "Will it Blend?" series on Youtube. They blend all kinds of crazy things in it.

    (after watching the entire video)

    I think it's really saying something how much effort it took to get the Wiimote to blend, then even once they got it going, they couldn't blend the whole thing. Some of the other videos on youtube of that blender feature golf balls, a rake handle, coke still in the can, *glass marbles*, whole chickens.... yet it couldn't beat the Wiimote.
    ... but what do I know?...
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