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    Wii rockband-beatles will not load

    Hi i have just bought the beatles rockband for my wii.
    My wii has the home brew channel installed.
    when i try to load the game after pressing start the screen goes black and does nothing else.
    When i read the booklet in the box it said that i have the latest software update but i cant do this as it will stop the homebrew channel from working.
    Any one got any ideas.
    Cheers Fradge

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    Google Wanikoko 4.0 update. Download that and run it through the homebrew channel to get yourself safely upraged to 4.0 After you're running 4.0 you can run Wanikoko 4.1 updater to get completely up to date. Also it'd be wise to install bootmii and backup your NAND to be 99% safe against bricking your wii.
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