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    Display problem question


    I'm new to the whole Wii gaming unit. Last system I had was back in 1999 I believe. A N64

    Well anyways I bought a Wii off of ebay and I really love it so far.

    However I think there is something wrong with the display.

    Ok so what it is doing is when I'm in the Wii shopping area, the screen will dim a little or color will get dim and or switch back and forth ever so gradually get white like it should then dim and colors look faded.

    Make sense?

    I noticed it when I have the screen up that has the various options to go to for downloading games. The screen is pretty much white in the back round. So when it gradually starts to turn dim or yellow even its noticeable.

    Only had the Wii for a week now. Its a 2006 model if that helps.

    Please help me if you can guys.



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    Try hooking it up to a different TV so you can see if its the Wii or the TV itself.

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