I have been making many calls to different stores around the DFW metroplex and decided I would share my gained knowledge to the rest of the people who are looking in the same are.

Best Buy: All say just call every morning, even the night before they have no idea if they will be getting them. Many have people at the store 30 minutes to an hour before they open and usually will answer phones.

Walmart: All were supposed to get some last wednesday but many didn't and expect some later this week. They say to call back around the end of the week, but it would be a "good idea" to call back as early as tuesday because they may know ahead of time.

Game Stop: Most places think they should be getting some more on thursday, but none of the shipments are confirmed and it is recomended that you call on wednesday because they should know by then.

Toys-R-Us:Over half of them say that next saterday is when they should know for sure but there is always a chance they just won't hear anything. The other stores say they can get them as early as friday and that it is really just by luck as to which stores get them. So calling on and after Thursday would be your best chance with Toys-R-Us


If you have any other information please post it ehre or PM it to me to add to my list while I update.