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    Christmas Gift Problem! Is "Wii fit 2" same as "Wii fit Plus"?

    Hi, I have a problem I need help with -

    I need to know if there is an actual Wii fit product called the "Wii fit 2" or "Wii fit II" which comes with a balance board or is there actually only a "Wii fit plus"?

    Grandma promised her grandkids a "Wii fit 2"/"Wii fit II" and ordered one from a private storefront on Amazon.com. That store canceled the order and so now I have to scramble to find a replacement. But ... First I need to find out what she was actually trying to get them.

    Grandma thinks its was a "Wii fit 2" or "Wii fit II" but all I can find so far are things called "Wii fit Plus". Google and other searches send me to dosens of pages when searching for "Wii fit 2" but none of them have anything actually named "Wii fit 2" or "Wii fit II"

    Does anyone know if "Wii fit 2" is an actual Wii product thats different from the "Wii fit Plus" or is that name just what folks are calling the "Wii fit Plus"?

    Thanks for your help!
    Distressed Dad (Daniel Bronze)

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    there's no wii-fit 2 its the same balance board with a game called wii fit plus it the sequel to the wii-fit "Game" not balanceboard

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