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    wii+hdtv. any tips to improve picture quality?


    i have a Wii connected to a 40" samsung 1080p lcd tv (LE40M87BDX to be exact) using component cables. Wii is set to 480p, 16:9 mode.

    i was just playing no more heroes, and i kept having the feeling that the picture-quality is just not good enough...i mean, it can't be that bad...

    to illustrate, i made some photos with a digital camera (a cheap compact, so please ignore the color-issues in the photos. they are there because of the camera...):

    (the files are around 2mb)


    so, in short.. is this the best the wii can do? or do i have something set up wrong?

    i think i tried all the possible settings in the tv to improve the picture quality, but the only setting that improved the quality was disabling 'edge enhancement' (or something like that).

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