hi folks,recently purchased the nintendo wii,was happy out,so i decided to buy pes2009 so i could play fellow gamers online,my connection is good so decided 2 give it a lash,waited 4 ever to get a game and finally got one with some random chap,after bout twenty seconds the screen skiped on and i was picken the ball out of the net,this happened the whole time,gave up after 3 games,sick after loseing bout 20nil in every match,,my Q is,is pes2010 better online than pes 2009,and if i play gamers in ireland or the uk,is it likely to be less choppier,and please could u good folks in irl or uk give me some friend codes to challange u just to see how it plays,thanks again folks and happy new year to u and your famillys,cheers.