BoZ the Epic has created a new social group called "The BoZ Club!", with the following description:

Well, it's a group named after me, but it's much more than that. So what's this group all about exactly? Well, if you are bored of being on a community site, tired of brawling the same person over and over, looking for some fun, wanting to win contests for AMAZING prizes, or whatever else, this group is the.. Group for you! What's the best part? It's an all-'round group, meaning that it's not BASED on just one subject, but rather many more subjects! Of course, this is just the social page, for us Wii-Chatter's. The main page is to be announced, and if you are really interested in this group, all you have to do is send me a PM requesting the link, and thou shall have it! Joining is really easy, all you do is sign up, and after I validate your registration, (To prevent multiple accounts, spam-bots, etc.), then you're in! This social page is to announce news, upcoming news, or whatever else that needs to be annoucnced. There's some more rules on the main site, but since we aren't ON that main site, I'll just keep it simple. Here's a little tip, for the people of WiiChat, it would be wise to join this page first, before asking the link, that way, it would SEEM as though you are interested. It's a fun little group, so join if you want a little spice to your internet life. It's an open-group, sort-of.. Just join, and I'll approve you in. (Easy, am I right?)
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