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    Co-op Take 'em All On Games

    My girlfriend and I are trying to find a game that uses the Wii's unique controls for a two player co-op beat-em-up and move on type game. Something that would be like swinging a bat or sword with the Wii remote and then continue on to take on the masses. Kind of like Double Dragon except in 3D. Anybody have any suggestions or has this kind of game not yet been made? All I keep finding are either one player games or Street Fighter arena type games. Any input would be appreciated. Thanks.

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    There is Dynasty Warriors.
    Its a bit old now so you could probably get it really cheap.

    Yeah that one is cheap as well
    Both are single player only thought

    Other than that I cant think of any-more, but if you go into the Virtual console side of things theres more than enough there in the old style
    (Including all of the Final Fights and Streets of rage games)
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    you could try SSBB. the story mode is co-op.

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