Does anybody know where the 20th balloon is in the Free Scenic Ride? I have found 19 but can't find the last one. Here's the list of locations starting at the usual start:
1. In town by jump ramp to start line
2. In town by boat ramp
3. In town at outer point on boat ramp side
4. Cross bridge and to the right
5. Continue down to beach and head to left side of plateau out at end of beach.
6. Head back up beach to right. Use ramp to jump up to plateau for 1.
7. Head to cave/tunnel 1 there
8. Stay on beach past hotel. 1 there.
9. Climb up bank and cross in front of tunnel. 1 up on hill
10. Continue to cave on right. 1 there.
11. Cross wooden bridges and bear right after rocks. 1 far end of field
12. Continue down thru tunnel and bear left to next tunnel. 1 to left at top of hill.
13. Continue to castle. 1 behind castle in courtyard.
14. up hill to right. 1 in first field.
15. back down thru tunnel and bear right. Climb small hill past the sandy cave entry. 1 at end of grassy area. Drop down to trail and head for lighthouse.
16. 1 behind lighthouse
17. Bear left leaving lighthouse and immdieate right after tunnel. 1 there
18. Back out to road and go right. 1 to right just after the water near cliff face.
19. back out to road and right. Left at next field and continue up hill to ruins. 1 at back of ruins.

Now, where is #20?