Wikidwill has created a new social group called "Modern Warfare 2 PS3[OGz!]", with the following description:

Leader: Me My PSN iS BoSsManWiLL

-Must be 3rd Prestige and up
-Must Tryout 1of 3 ways:1v1,20+ Kills in a TDM or 5+ Kills in S&D
-Must be nice with INTERVENTION,RIOT SHIELD,and
Automatic Weapons

Team Weapons:

|SNiPERS|-Intervention,Barrett .50 Cal(not reccomended)
|ASSAULT RiFLES|-Fal,M16,Ak47 & Famas
|RIOT SHiELD|:Throwing Knife

Restricted Things:
-Grenade Launchers(except in Afghan & Wasteland)
-Scrambler(except with Riot Shield)
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