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    How to report messages

    Ello ther

    This forum gets a few messages a day and as such some will be spam ones and in this post I will show you how to get them erased.

    Look at the attached picture.

    You see where the arrow is pointing?

    Press that then a little text box will appear and input why you think it should get erased.

    What makes it worthy to be erased?

    • Site spam - Its his first post and hes spamming some other site
    • Hateful comments/Flaming - This is conman place on most forums that just post to annoy you.
    • Off topic post - Ok some times going a bit off topic is ok, but if its in a thread about owls you wouldn't want one of them damn pigeon lovers coming in and talking about there flying rats.
    • Constant spamming - Same message in every section is annoying.
    • Not being helpful in a tread asking for help - We get a lot of people with problems on there console and sometimes we get people posting "Sorry i cant help u" this is just them trying to get there post count up.

    Thanks for looking!
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