Hi all,

First please note that I am a complete newbie about the Wii and the most I know about it is that... Well, it's called a Wii and it's made by Nintendo

Ok there's some exageration there but u got the point.

Here is the question. I want to get a Wii for my mom's bday. Problem is, my parents spend their time between 2 different countries (Canada and Morocco). I want to know :
1. If I get her a Wii from Canada, will she be able to use it in Morocco (110/220 volts issue, does she need just a plug adapter or a whole power adapter)
2. Same thing about peripherals (Balance board...). Are peripherals "region locked" or are they worldwide compatible? Say she has a Wii from Canada, will a balance board from France work?
3. Same question as before, but regarding games.

Thanks a lot for any help,