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    when the xbox 360 came out there were mainly minor problems, when the wii came out there were problems too... see the pattern?

    if you but a newly built 360 you are almost garuanteed that there will be no problems
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    most of the wii problems are wifi related problems. it seems it is kinda picky about wireless signal
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    bahhahahha ^ LIES. my friend just bought one thats still over heating. so he went and spent the 400 on a wii system.

    most of this errors or ID-10-T. id10t. look closely

    and i admit i had one. haha

    most xbox 360 problems were HARDWARE problems.

    wii's problems are the internet stuff which you cant always help with wifi.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Flip
    If you're basing this assumption of "a lot of problems" on what you've read on these forums, then you should stop worrying now. The reason you see so many threads about Wii's not working here, is basically because this is the most popular Wii forum right now. The first thing someone does when they have a problem, is come to us, and start a new thread about it. The actual number of problematic consoles, when compared to the number of perfect ones, is miniscule.
    Exactly. Everytime a new gaming console is released, there are loads of defective systems. If there wasn't, it would be a miracle, considering how they are mass produced in such large quantities. It's just now you have a forum to see people with problems collectively. There was the same kind of stuff with the 360, and you see the same kind of stuff with the ps3 on there forums.

    And to the post above me, there are no problems with the Wii's WiFi. The problem is with people's lack of knowledge when it comes to networking. There are just loads of problems in general, especially with WEP. And not EVERY router works well with WiFi devices.

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