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    *Question* Colors on the Name?!

    OK, I just joined this forum today, and I have a question.

    I was playing Quantum Of Solace 007 yesterday, and saw peoples names with colors on them!
    Note: If I was playing Team Deathmatch it would be green or red for teams,
    Green: Your side. Red: Opponents side.

    If it was Deathmatch it would of just been plain white.

    But, no, there were people with yellow, dark blue, purple, ETC.

    Example: SuperLuigi!

    Please tell me how to do this

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    thats simple b4 a match if you see this symble ^ then a number it makes what ever letters after that a spacific color my username is ^1Andrew that makes my name orange heres all the other colors

    1=orange,2=light green,3=yellow,4=blue,5=light blue,6=pink,7=white,8=green,9=red
    there you go have fun

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