RD/Zilla has created a new social group called "(RD)Raining Death!!!", with the following description:

RD RainingDeath!!

Go to http://rainingdeath.webs.com/ to join!!!

To join our clan alls u need to do is sign in and an admin will approve of your login.(new members are checked for 5 times a day)

RD (Raining Death) We are probably the most open-minded clan out there, and we base this clan on RESPECT. The members of the clan can decide on new clan names, wars, times, maps, match types, and more. Members can decide on 90% of the stuff in this clan. If you join you WON'T be let down. Before you judge us let us show you the benefits of being here. If you join RD YOU WILL NOT BE LET DOWN.
Everyone is respected in the same way. If you're a person who doesn't really care about winning and joins clans looking for fun, what are you waiting for? RDis the clan for you.
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