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    Another Analyst Suggests Wii 1.5 On the Way

    Wii 1.5 might be coming.

    Not Pachter so it's safe to read onMaybe 1.5 will be in silver

    Despite Satoru Iwata's recent declaration that the eventual Wii successor will be a surprise, another industry analyst has predicted we'll see a stopgap between now and the launch of the main event.

    Piers Harding-Rolls, analyst at Screen Digest, believes Nintendo will release an upgraded version of the Wii before launching its official follow-up, though doesn't say what extra features either the upgrade or eventual successor will include. Pegging the Wii's successor for a 2012 launch in Japan and a 2013 release worldwide, the analyst says we could see an improved Wii between now and 2012.

    With Nintendo stating time and again it won't be releasing a HD upgrade for the Wii, it remains to be seen what new features a potential stopgap could have: built-in MotionPlus, a hard drive, improved online functions? If Mr Harding-Rolls is to be believed, we could find out next year.
    Via mcvuk.com
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    just speculation if it was a handheld "DS" then i would be nearly certain of a stopgap & an upgraded system. but i dont really see the point of an hd wii
    since blu ray one in the picture war. & a better hardrive and or processing technology upgrade seems like an entire new system, but that's just me. i could be wrong, but i dont know what the future holds i'm not psychic.

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