Hello everybody! So, here's the details, were starting up this brand new clan called "Elite Sniping". Pretty much, this clan is gonna be full of strong snipers quick scoping, hard scoping, however you want, as long as you kill. This is a brand new clan keep in mind, but this will be a very big clan. We currently have 2 people in this clan, Me and the co-owner, Victor.. My name is EsRa1n , and my kdr is 1.58. I am a legit 10th prestige and i will be leading this clan. I have already created a website: http://www.wix.com/eSra1n/EliteSniping/Homepage . Here is where you can join, leave you name, friend code, and gamer tag in the clan fc's section and chat with our fellow clan members on the front page! So if you can snipe, then join. ELITE SNIPING CLAN (c)