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Thread: Ultimate MMORPG

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    Ultimate MMORPG

    Motion sensing controllers are by far the best thing I have seen in gaming. i own a wii, and love playing games that use the motion controller, as well as nunchuck movement. It allows me to be, in a way, a part of the game. i also think that it could be taken to a whole new level. I can see a game that really connects the players into the wii world. I dont mean connecting wires to the person and suspending him/her to literally sense every movement, but with a few modified versions of the already available controllers, a player could gain more control. Take the nunchuck's ability to feel a thrust. extend the wire, or make it wireless, and attatch it to one's leg, and you can kick. Take the wii motion plus, and put it in, and give the character a weapon. Now, you can strike a foe, and kick them down. Create a hand piece with a simple sensor, and you can use magic not by pressing a button, but by making a gesture or thrusting your hand. create a plotless mmorpg game that has quests and monsters and dungeons instead of a storyline, and you have an amazing game that really captures players in it's environment. i have tons of ideas on how to utilize the wii's motion abilities into a great game. Anyone interested please post your ideas, thoughts, concerns and praise, and i will contribute my ideas.

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