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    FlatOut the best looking racing game on the Wii

    Hi everyone, I was impresed how good this game looks. I think this game looks like Dirt 2 on the ps3/xbox360, but ON THE Wii!!
    Congratulations Team6, you really pushed the Wii to its limits!!

    Finally we get a racing game that beats the old Need for Speed Pro Street in graphics, also it has the realistic physics that every gamer wants.

    It's amazing!!

    Day one purchase!!

    With this and Trackmania, Wii owners will have better racing games than ps3/xbox360 consoles this year, great!!

    If you want to see more pics, follow this link:

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails FlatOut the best looking racing game on the Wii-flatout.jpg  
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    This actually does look good in the screenshots but we'll have to see what it looks like in motion before getting too excited.

    So far it looks very promising though and the original FlatOut was quite a fun game.
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