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    Quote Originally Posted by LadyPayne View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by ToadStar View Post
    I just use my pc for accessing internet and writing documents
    This for me, including emailing. Actually, I also use Excel quite a bit now that I think about it. I might use it to game again if Diablo 3 does not release on the 360 (it has been rumored but I can't find confirmation of it being on the 360 as well as PC).
    I hope this helps. http://www.product-reviews.net/2010/...-ps3-spin-off/

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    Thanks SatAM Guy! I hope that means a console version of the regular release and not some spin-off. If it's a spin-off, I hope it's significantly different from the PC version so that we have 2 games in effect, but really I would most like the full regular game on the 360.

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