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    Quote Originally Posted by DPrinny View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by shorty420 View Post
    $1,100 and counting.....
    - Sniper Rifle
    - Perfect Shot Gun
    - 2 Dreamgear dual Trigger Guns
    - 2 Dreamgear Lightsabers
    - 2 Dreamgear Steering wheels
    - Kart wheel
    - Chat
    - Skin
    - Fan Base
    - 17 Games
    - 4 Gamecube Controllers
    - 2.0 GB sd card
    - 4 Wiimotes w/ colored skins + official skin on top of all
    - Energizer charge pad for 4 Wiimotes

    Glad to have spent every bit = Priceless
    Wow thats impressive.
    Its like my game.com collection

    Its a nice collection of crap.
    ...............I'm pretty sure you just posted something way off topic non the less I will give you credit for at least talking about a game console (for reasons why YOU even would want that artifact is beyond me). For being a moderator I would expect much more input than a Incohearant rambling of sorts at a half attempt of a put down. I will say this, it has takin me 5 months to reach that level of for newish technology. PC is so much better on the graphics spectrum for gaming but one at a level of game.com wouldn't tell the difference. I choose to do what I want with my $ for the ability for a family of 4 kids and happily married. That is how real I am. With the above mentioned I would highly suggest to moderate with caution and have some intellectual comments or for that matter STAY ON TOPIC!

    For all others that share the <3........ stay real and keep on posting
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    A little bit of off topic is good. A lot of it isn't

    Well people do like to waste there money on plastic add-ons that just get in the way and are nothing more than a waste of money (and will probably be shelved faster than a copy of last years sports game when the novelty wares off) all you really needed to buy on that list was..
    - Perfect Shot Guns
    - Kart wheels
    - 17 Games
    - 4 Gamecube Controllers
    - 2.0 GB sd card
    - 4 Wiimotes w/ coloured skins (only keeping the coloured skins on as your kids might argue about what Wiimote is whos)
    - Energizer charge pad for 4 Wiimotes

    Having heaps of plastic junk doesn't make games more fun
    My god. You have my sympathy. Seems like another N-gage case.
    The N-gage wasn't rubbish thought as it had some good games and in the end thats all that counts.

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    I apologize for any thing taken too seriously but as I and as well as many, many others get frustrated with mod bashers, newbie bash and other sorts of bashing that may concure lol. I don't feel it is very necessary but I must explain the details so that others may make a wise choice as to what is really a needed item for the wii.

    Sniper Rifle........can be assembled to liking, such as a smg or sniper or m16 (mwr) must have.
    Perfect shot (handgun)........great first purchase, which had just one annoyance tho, had to manually press A button which brought me to the next purchase on my list......
    Dreamgear dual trigger handgun (x2).........Lower trigger (A Button) Higher main trigger (B) and did I mention that it vibrated after trigger pull for a most realistic fire?
    Dreamgear lightsaber (x2)........yes this is a waste of $ but came in a box set but come on, who doesnt want one???
    Dreamgear steering wheel (x2).........WAAAAAYYYYY better than the Wii offical wheel since it has a protective grip for those intense races and a raised 1,2 button set.
    ***Dreamgear set is wheel,saber and gun for $23***

    Chat........how cool is it to talk to just about anyone on the wii? Yea its not a user friendly as the ps3 or 360 but half the cost and needs no subscription.
    Skin........for protection of the wii shell that is easily removable and is thick. Not like a sticker, great to stand out from the crowd.
    Fan Base.......Cool blue led to match light gate and helps in cooling my wii when I pass out watching netflix since the wii was not factory energy saving friendly like 360.
    17 Games *sports
    * super mario wii
    * RE4 wii edition
    * HOTD Overkill
    * MWR
    * Animal Crossing
    * Grill off Ultra hands
    * Brawl
    * GT
    * Open Season
    * MP8
    * Redsteel
    * Brunswick Bowling
    * Lego star wars
    and so on

    4 wiimotes with plus and skins & original silicone wrapped on skins to make dual layer............makes wiimotes hefty and great protection (threw wiimote at wall so hard one night it put a hole in the wall and still worked, thanks to Marioparty 8 with you won but wait, you one but wait.) only one time and not my proudest moment. Also to make wiimotes like gamecube controller colors multi.
    Found a Yoshi plastic toy to help bind all GC contoller wires so..... booya!
    Energizer pad for 4........cuz batteries suck and are $$$$ suckers.

    So much more but I can define the reasoning and can assure they will not sit on shelf for dust collection. If it has no purpose it is outta my home cuz I am not a pack rat lol.
    Nintendo*4*Life since 1985


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