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    Activision hate is a bit too strong, says co-founder

    qj.net covered that Activision hat is a bit too strong, well the co-founder of activision says. Click on the link for the story please...http://www.qj.net/qjnet/news/activis...o-founder.html

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    though we got the COD's on the wii activision...TREYARC are full of shit
    especially JD_2020 whom is supposed to be the "community manager" but doesn't do his job right.

    here is the thing sure like i said we got the cod's on wii but the lack of content was just terrible
    look at the world at war wii version...didn't have zombies...not that it was IMPOSSIBLE to do like all the idiot ps3/360 fanboys said but because...activision/treyarc half assed the port of the game onto wii

    as far as infinity ward goes the company behind modern warfare they simply wanted nothing to do with the wii....thats why modern warfare reflex was ported over to the wii by treyarc.

    I could go on and on but clearly not me being a fanboy or w/e can see that activision/treyarc love leaving the wii for last priority if not at all...then comes the lack of information on top of lack of content.
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    I used to buy Tony Hawk Games which were published by Activision. The last version I played was Project 8 on both consoles (XBOX/PS2). Liars put "Feels So Real, You Feel It" on the case. I stopped buying it because they lied, and unlike wasteland, you can't ride bikes (That I felt was innovation to go from just Skateboarding). Plus SKATE was released around that time and gaming finally got an almost more realistic Skateboarding game. Then Neversoft thought that since Guitar Hero was Successful, a Skateboard peripherial could sell...what were they thinking??? Since the Guitar Hero is dead, what next for the Tony Hawk Series? A Skateboarding combination with COD? Yeah, I'd love to see Tony Hawk pull a 900 while shooting commies.
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    Guitar Hero didnīt died for the digital transition, many "casual" gamers bought it, but didnīt want to bought it 4 times a year!, Guitar Hero died for the Activision philosophy of "Hey, Letīs exploit everything", and thatīs why people had started to hate Activision, and I think They deserve it, Letīs see how long will last then CoD run...

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    i still have a soft spot for activision, some of my best memories are about the old atari cartridges. but i don't see many games from them that were years and years in development. if they had such gigantic developments and still failed, i'd feel even more sorry for them.

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